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Chennai's Speciality clinic for men's fertilty problems Men's fertility center, T Nagar, Chennai

MetroMale Clinic, is one of the top super speciality clinics in India in treating all types of Men's sexual health issues. Headed by Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran, MetroMale Clinic has been treating 1000s of men with surgical and non-surgical fertility problems. Dr. Karthik is specialized in treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Ejaculatory Dysfunction, Gender Identity Disorders, Sexual Orientation Disorders, Androgen Insufficiency, Testis prosthesis etc., -------------------------- The Clinic is among the best centers of excellence for Male Fertility and Men’s Sexual Health. We are specialized in treating conditions like azoospermia, oligozoospermia, asthenozoospermia, teratozoospermia, ED problems etc., Services like Sperm Retrieval, Sperm Mapping, Micro TESE are also provided at most affordable costs. MetroMale Clinic is head quartered at the heart of Chennai in T. Nagar.